I disapprove.

No sugar added, sure, even though that could be totally waaaaay tart, but you are going to eat something that used to have natural sugars from FRUIT and has been processed to take out those sugars? No thank you. NO THANK YOU THAT WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER GO IN MY BODY. Nor has it ever. And how much jam are you having on a pbj or toast or what have you? Are you putting so much on that its really hefting up into your sugar intake?

If you are that concerned about your jam, jelly, or preserves, for gods sake just have something else! Actually eat the fruit that the jam comes from!!

I love Bon Mama jam/preserves, I do not like jelly really at all- this stuff is soooo good, and with the price of jam these days, it is no longer more expensive than other ones!


Another “sugar free” rant.

And now I’m curious, maybe I will try my hand at making no added sugar preserves (I have made jam before so its not a huge leap). If the fruit is reduced enough… oh, I’m having visions!!

Can’t wait for summer canning! And pickling!


I love food.