Last night I had a dream that one of my back molars fell out and it made me homeless, it was all from the perspective of my tongue feeling the toothlessness in my mouth. I don’t quite know whether it was a nightmare or not.

When I woke up I had drooled all over my pillow.

It must have been a nightmare for my mouth. It cried.

I decided to floss thoroughly this morning.

I thought all of you should know.

Arguing with my uncle about bread. Yes I know its not particularly good for you, but you are not the be all end all of health. Your doctor’s opinion on gluten is one opinion, and if it works for you that’s great. But I didn’t spend the last year getting healthy without retaining knowledge, gluten doesn’t affect everybody the same way, health can mean different things for everybody.

And apparently that makes me a brat. There is no complete holiday without one stupid argument. I ate good Dave’s Killer Bread this whole year and I found it to be a great source of energy that stuck with me. Don’t just group that kind of bread in with white bread. Yes processed carbs are awful for everyone. But did my uncle research how gluten affects him, did he test it by not eating it for a couple weeks and then see how he felt? No. Whether or not the advice given to you is good or not, never take it blindly. Research it for yourself.

He said I should go talk to his doctor, and I said I would GLADLY talk to him. And the doctor would probably agree with me that his view is just one perspective of health.

I am not pretending to be an expert, but don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, if I really didn’t know I would be as healthy and full of happiness and energy as I am today. I am entitled to my opinions on health, and it doesn’t make me a brat for sharing them. If that’s the case my uncle is a huge pompous brat. Just because I’m not a doctor doesn’t mean that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

If he hadn’t written me off so quickly he would have learned that I do agree with him for the most part, but buying completely into the gluten hype is superficial on his part. Maybe go for that after you’ve stopped eating Taco Bell. Don’t preach to me about health when you still eat processed chips and cereal and eat out at places where the food is microwaved half the time.

I think I have earned the right to have input on issues of health. It doesn’t make me a brat just because I’m younger and don’t go to a fucking chiropractic doctor.

I try to have a real discussion with my uncle, no matter how old I get, and I’m still treated like I’m 12. Good. That’s healthy. I don’t care if your almost 70. HAVE AN OPEN MIND.

Stayed up til past 5am last night hanging out with one of my friends

It was a night of firsts

Went to Ground Control (Arcade bar in Portland AND WHY DID I NOT GO HERE SOONER, OH MY GOD IT WAS GLORIOUS)

And Dante’s, never been there. Rock, rock, and more rock. (WHERE THE HELL WAS I I DON’T NEED TO GO ANYWHERE ELSE)

And low and behold, I went to a strip club for the first time… So dirty, but, eh, I kinda liked it. Not gonna make it a habit or anything, but it was fun.

Apparently I am not a normal woman, because I do enjoy it, but how does that constitute not being normal? Maybe its the fitblr in me, and the fact that I actually talked to the performers, but I have some mad respect for some of those women and what they can do. (And a couple of them were dirty and sleazy, yes, but it was mostly the men/audience that were dirty and creepy, unsurprisingly) I got all the lap dances for freeish (I had a man with me, with money, yes, but they came to me first without tips!), being a lady is awesome, it made me giggle so much. But what was I most excited about? Some of these girls were such athletes, one of them was like a monkey, I WANT TO TAKE A CLASS.

And then we went home, watched Dodgeball and got up to a bit of no good and it was glorious. I am gonna miss him! Peh!!

It is so good, and today has been so stressful and terrible and sad.

Grandpa’s casket got put in the mausoleum, we had a small private ceremony, and I cried more than I ever thought I would

…and then spent a load of time helping my grandma write his obituary.

During which time my uncle and aunt got in a huge fight, upsetting my grandma, only 3 days before the memorial service.

I cried the whole way to my boss’ house. She made me a cup of Choffy, that was nice, she is so sweet.

And then I found out that we are moving all my stuff tomorrow instead of Thursday, so its all cut short a day.

Then my ex, who I still love and care about told me he is getting evicted, and while he did it to himself in some respects, I just did way too much to help him, because I’d rather not see him be homeless, helping him did make me feel better though, at least someone’s stress could be relieved.


I don’t regret it at all.

This is very personal and venty, but I’m not going to vent anywhere else, so thanks followers, for putting up with my whining, I love you!

May you have CALM in your life right now.

XO Andrea

My grandpa passed away yesterday morning.

Time to find quietness, and make peace.

Its so consistent, if you really can’t handle it, then unfollow. I do appreciate that over getting hate in my inbox.

Yes. This is a fitblr, but having a fitblr is personal enough that the rest of my life occasionally gets in there, too.

Just because I am a liberal and support democrats over republicans in America does not mean that I disrespect or think poorly of people with opposing views. If your political views creep onto your blog and I don’t agree, I just ignore them, and focus on what I like about the blog, I don’t unfollow, I think its silly. We are all entitled to our opinions, and I appreciate the people who keep up following even when we have differences of opinions. That’s just part of life!

I love all my followers :)

I put Call Me Maybe on the jukebox and told all the people about the squat challenge. Men too, they want to do it. One guy looked it up on his phone.

I did it every day this week.

Tomorrow will be the exception.

Or will it?

I also learned how to play pool PROPERLY, and even better “crud,” which is so intense. So much running around the pool table. THERE IS A WAY TO WORKOUT AT THE BAR!

Should I be excited about that?

Does it matter?

Because I am.

I think I will have to workout just to quell the adrenaline rush.
Quell. You nerd.


Clothing sizes have officially gotten bigger. I am all for accepting every body type, but this is catering to obesity. There’s not argument.

My older clothes, including vintage clothes are all different sizes. I have some shorts that are a size 3/4 from about 2 years ago (second hand from a friend). They fit perfectly. When I wear older clothes this is generally the smallest they are, 2’s in dresses.

This is the size that I am after losing weight, I used to be in the 9-11 range.

So. I go shopping at a second hand store, these sizes hold true.

I go to a newer store, where I try something on in a size that is the same size as the clothes I’m wearing. Today I am wearing a dress that I bought in a similar style just this January at the same store. Target, to be exact. The dress still fits well, maybe even better because my body has more structure now.

The dress I’m trying on looks like a gunny sack.

Slight exaggeration.

But it is just about a size and a half too big.

A new frustration for shopping.

No, an old frustration.

I have spent my whole life not being able to find things that fit me right.

And here we are again. I had a good 4ish of really knowing what fit me.


All bodies are beautiful.

But health, in my opinion is the most beautiful at all.

And a healthy body reflects that.

That is what we’re about in this community.

Being healthy.

This is not so much about me complaining about not being able to find my size, but about the fact that sizes shouldn’t cater to the obesity epidemic. I know its about marketing, and that society shouldn’t force women to look a certain way.

But more attention needs to be called to the fact that a growing population of (mainly) young people are unhealthy. Obesity reflects unhealthiness.

These little changes are the things that help people turn a blind eye, this is the first generation in the US to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Read this article, it will help explain.

I got into a conversation with my mom, and have started asking around.

Next time you go clothes shopping, wear something that you bought a few months ago that still fits you well. Try on something with some similarity in structure and of course, size. Its not all stores and brands doing this, but a lot of them are.

What do you notice?

I know I have not lost this much more weight. I’m petite, but not so skinny that I should be shopping back in juniors to find something that fits me.

Which is what I’m starting to have to do. I spent all of my insecure years shopping in juniors.

So it pisses me right off.

If you are going to make all the sizes bigger, maybe make sizes that include the smaller sizes that were just there. Do you really think that we people don’t exist? It messes with my mind, I think that’s why I don’t like it. I’ve been troubled. I have, and I’m realizing what it is now. It makes me think that maybe I should eat more, like I shouldn’t be as fit. They are trying to impose the notion that bigger is better. Health is better. Whatever you look like in result of being healthy is what is beautiful. And there is no end result, because it is a life. Not just a lifestyle.

I’m not talking about working out every day at a high intensity not being a fitness guru, but being active, not eating unnatural processed foods. Eating things that come from the earth, enjoying real flavors over something created in a lab.

We are not getting bigger as a nation because of dessert. We are getting bigger because of that dessert being food of things processed so many times that it becomes… what?

Tell me what that is. Because I don’t even know.

Good thing I’m a thrifter.

Fitblrs are a movement. ‘Nuff said.

Happy Healthy Living!

XO Andrea

when I hear people call other people ugly, like when they see them online/in a video. I get excited about both makeup and fitness, so I like to show off videos that I see of gurus in both areas.

Think before you call someone ugly, I think everyone is beautiful in their own way.

The only time I see ugliness is when it comes from the inside, and when I hear people shoot off their mouths in this way it makes me start to think of THEM as the ugly person.

this whole idea that we can’t process grains… The Paleo diet and such.

Just because cavemen couldn’t cultivate grain doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t have been able to eat it if they could. It wasn’t about what they could/ couldn’t eat, it was about the technology that they had. And don’t you tell me that legumes aren’t good for me. DON’T YOU EFFING TELL ME THAT I CAN’T EAT MY BEANS. Pretentious no good… ^$*@(#&%…

Its not the diet that angers me so much. I can see the science behind it, although it is flawed. It is the people.

The people who are on the paleo diet (not you, fitblr community, you are always supportive), who find out that you aren’t into it seem to love to try to preach to you.

I’m sorry, but my body digests grain just fine. It actually adapted to the “modern” technology of farming that came along with the first civilizations. “Modern.” Do not tell me that farming is a modern technology. I will bitch slap you into a wheat field. Seriously.


The paleo diet, in theory, is not terribly unhealthy. Its no different really if someone has a legume allergy (those allergic to peanuts are often allergic to other legumes), and a wheat allergy. However, I have only seen ONE person actually practice it in a healthy manner, and she has researched it to the nines. And is also vegan… so the meat part is not really there… It has not gained a ton of popularity on my dash, but I know quite a few people who are trying it out. Most of them, just pull shit out of the air to back it up.

And they are soooo pretentious. Why scrutinize me? I eat healthy, I don’t want to stop eating any of the things that you no longer eat. I don’t eat a lot of them as it is, but I am not an idiot just because I do eat them from time to time. And stop trying to tell me that hunter gatherers had it easy. Why do you think we developed agriculture? Because hunter gatherer lifestyles were harsh. Apparently the paleo people I know have never taken a history class in their lives.

If you are going to try the Paleo diet, that is up to you, I am not for it, but that is my own thing, it might be a lifestyle to some people, but I see it as a fad diet. And I HIGHLY disagree with the plant to animal ratio. Go ahead, up that cholesterol, I think you secretly just want that steak. Ok Atkins. Get yerself the gout! Seriously, you will get the gout.

But you want to try it, fine.


And that is my word on that.