This was me last summer. I am still really fit, but I have about 10-16 more lbs on me, I want to get back to this- you know why? I felt great and I ATE ALL THE TIME. I could eat constantly. It was feeling insecure that made me eat less, and therefore eat heavier meals when I wasn’t being as good to myself. 

So. Time to be good to myself ALL THE TIME again. People did not believe that I could be so thin, but that was the result of loving myself, and treating myself right. Losing weight means eating. Do it. Eat all the food. Not food like products. Food from the earth, and then some brownies. 

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Good advice

Boooo scale!

Also, BMI isn’t accurate if you do it online, you get a general sense, but unless you go to a professional, it won’t be. I had a dance teacher in high school who’s BMI was something around… she said 34.8 or something? I think it might have even been more

She would be labeled as obese. She was lean and muscular and a killer dancer.

Weight and BMI calculators tell you so little.

I know the basics, I think I am going to look for classes.

And then when someone comes to twirl me around they’ll be like: “Who are you? Is this Take The Lead? Am I IN Step Up?” Because I would obviously end up breaking out in crazy break dancing, and you would think, Channing Tatum! So that’s where you went! But in a lady body, and you know, not Channing Tatumesque at all.

These are the thoughts that come to me before I have finished my coffee.

is to swim, a lot, I want to work on being an excellent swimmer this summer.

I have overcome my fear of upside down-ness

Its weird I know.

I am still shaky about indoor rock climbing (passed out on a wall in 5th grade…) but I loved doing it outdoors.

I have never been a strong swimmer, but I know I am strong enough to conquer this now.

I have always just “survival swam,” never for enjoyment. I was a wader.


I accidentally just did a back flip while working on my hand stand.

I can do back flips!?!?


Unintended goal, accomplished.

My back is flexible enough that I can do them slowly too.


That is the sort of stuff that makes me feel attractive.

What about you?

I officially have no need for sugar in my coffee anymore :)

Sorry for the lack of posts.

I have been having to let go of my dog and best friend since I was 5 (He was my birthday present, he was born the day after my bday, we have always been very connected), today is the day that we’re putting him down, he has been in a lot of pain. It has affected me much more than I had anticipated.