For bellaz-body-bangz!

I did these blogilates love handle workouts last night. They are golden.


I just did this.

I could die.

Tomorrow I probably will.


It ALREADY hurts so good.

Off to watch old cars and dress like a pinup!

I put Call Me Maybe on the jukebox and told all the people about the squat challenge. Men too, they want to do it. One guy looked it up on his phone.

I did it every day this week.

Tomorrow will be the exception.

Or will it?

I also learned how to play pool PROPERLY, and even better “crud,” which is so intense. So much running around the pool table. THERE IS A WAY TO WORKOUT AT THE BAR!

Should I be excited about that?

Does it matter?

Because I am.

I think I will have to workout just to quell the adrenaline rush.
Quell. You nerd.


umm… um.. um

I just did this and my butt went numb. I’m doing it tomorrow too. I don’t wanna but I gotta!

… because I do wanna…

bum death!